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Phillips Saylor Wisor, winner of 2021 Wammie Award for Best Folk Album, Distant,  has been a veteran presence in the underground North American folk scene for 20 years.  Winner of 2021 Wammie Award for Best Folk Album Distant

His music is identifiable by the mountain banjo and his unique guitar style that combines Piedmont Blues, Bluegrass  and Psychedelic Country influences.   With a playful sardonic wit, his songs often explore what’s to be found along the underbelly back roads of the American Ideal, skewering its mythology in favor of poetic recognition and reckoning.   

A captivating performer and a boot stomp-inducing banjo player, Phillips was a founding member of the old time group, the Shiftless Rounders and was the  touring banjo/guitarist for IBMA-winning bluegrass band, King Wilkie.  


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“A songwriter-performer as lively and relevant as original”

                          Paris Move


“Fans of Jim White, the bleaker side of Neil Young and the music grizzled mountain folk singers should check it out.”

                         Fanta Magazine (UK)

Phillips Saylor Wisor has lead an interesting life, wandering the backroads of the American dream.  With DISTANT he channels the ghosts of the highways and byways.  He follows paths established by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson and dozens of others immortalized in the Library of Congress recordings discovered during teenage fever dreams.  Five years of half of the Shiftless Rounders, along with stints in King Wilkie and Vandaveer, heightened his resolve to follow a path determined by roads less taken.”

                      For Folk’s Sake 

“A bit of everything in an unassuming package - there is country, folk, noise, rock all mixed into a lo-if package that really works.”

       “Why Aren’t They Famous Yet?

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