1. Laundromat

From the recording Laundromat


a weak one and one/bobby loves Tonya come on/ain't nothing gonna trip you up/just a twenty dollar bill from an empty cup/go get it at the laundromat/try copping from some other cat/my girl come from around the way/she cuts it with dust and clay/granny doles suboxone/always lets the geeks in/kicking for fifteen out of her thirty/she's sick in her wig so pretty/go wash it down at the laundromat/borrow another from some other cat/my girl comes from around the way/she gets out the stains with dust and clay/rolling papers Jehovah witness/light you up with some barbecue ribs/the crew on eighteenth and d/drop my brothers name in the middle of the street/right in front of the laundromat/scare the shit out of all of the other cats/just make everybody go away/unless they're coming with dust and clay